Me, a hermit- never! ….but it would be nice…

I have come to a realization. I am OK the way I am. Now, I REALLY don’t like the ‘christian answer’ which says how important you are to thers and you just need to give it up.
That means crap to the individual until they come to rest in who they are. Hearing it is one thing, but experiencing it is quite another.
For me, I have always had problems being quiet. If you know me, you know that I am not quiet all the time and I can be quite…opinionated. Yet, in general if there is a group of some sort, I am one who observes and listens more than talks. And through my life, I have sometimes forced myself to talk and be extra-extroverted. Yet, yesterday I have found that that is 1. embarrassing for me 2. sometimes awkward for the person and 3. it’s not who I am!
I have found that I am perfectly content sitting in a room with people roaming around. I do not feel the desire to chit-chat small talk which is meaningless.
I do though have people who want to talk to I can just imagine some random person reading this and thinking, “Man, she’s a loner.” Well, no not really. I have others who I am open to. Plus, God had me marry a man who is so social…I can’t believe it. So, I do not think I will ever be a hermit in the desert somewhere. (although it would be quieter…)
I was talking with a friend last night, and realized that it is OK though to be ‘the quiet one’. I also think I have, in the past, already realized this but I’m needing to learn it again. So, I am happy to say, “I am happy being who I am!”

thanks God.

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  1. Alexis Eileen Mielonen, thank you for being you and thanks for being a very special friend to me. You make a difference in my world.
    have a great sunday :))

  2. Hi. Nice post. ‘Tis nice to have poeple who don’t want to just babbel about worthless things. Espically when they’re the same people who want to talk about deep things throught a text. Hmmmmm… You are an amazing person with an awesome personality. Buenos Dias.

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