I am stressed. Today is a very busy day for me and I made a point to get up in the morning and do some prep work before we leave to work. However I woke up at 6:50am- 20 minutes late! So i rushed to get ready, keeping in thought that I work at both my jobs today. And then I went to make our lunches – Travis made breakfast! How sweet!- and then Chloe was freaking out because she wanted me to hold her up to the fish tank to drink. Then I couldn’t find my backpack to put my laptop into. Stress. Then I remember we’re having people over to dinner. This means also that I then need to do some necessary prep work. (frozen chicken is not fun to eat-thawing is good.) Asa result, I was driving with Travis to Cafe D and felt the beginning of a headache. That is a big thing because I usually get sick from them and throw up- I don’t have time for that today.
Anyways, I’m at the cafe for another hour before I walk to work. What a good time to breath slowly and understand everything will be fine. I have realized that if I stop worrying then the world still keeps on turning! This was a break through about a year ago. (go Alexis!)
I will do quiet time and relax.
It is possible.
Stress is lame.
I can do this.
Let the stress go.
I once heard that women have a harder time with stress and they are more likely to become physically ill because of stress. What’s up with that?! Do you have problems with stress?

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  1. hey I hope your day went better later on! Go alexis!!!! God is with you!

  2. Hey! I was just reading through your posts and read that you like Francine Rivers. I LOVE HER BOOKS! So anyways, wanted to let you know that they are turning one of her books into a movie. “The last sin eater”. Its a great book and hopefully will be a good movie! Tell your husband that Eric and I say hello! Love– Leah

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