This is going to be a longer post…
Below is what God has been chit chatting to me about:

I have been blessed by the young adults group for the past few weeks. Every time I go, I receive something that is new and convicting. (and I love being convicted) A man spoke about having this next year be the best of your life. There were tons of scripture references (yeah!) and many tangents ( too bad) but through this message my eyes were opened to a new world. Now I know people say that kind of statement a lot, but seriously… you don’t know how impactful that is to you until you experience it for yourself.
During the message, a theme he would often bring up over and over is the power of your words. Now even if you are a Christian or not, you know that’s true. How many times has someone said something that hurts you so deeply…however, I was about to learn a whole new a AMAZING depth to that phrase. He held up a small thin blue book and began to explain that scientists wanted to ‘test’ that belief and so they froze water in bottles with words wrapped around them. Such words were, ‘you fool’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Love and gratitude’ and so on. After they were completely frozen, they took out the water and examined the crystals. Do you know what they found? Each crystal was different depending on which word was wrapped around it. For example, the word ‘Love and Gratitude’ was, by the scientists, the most beautiful crystal ever. This crystal is completely different than water left alone-frozen lakes, etc. The words, ‘You fool’ looked like a smashed windshield. There were no beautiful shapes or patterns. It looked like someone seriously took a baseball bat to a car window. Isn’t that amazing? Well, the scientists took it another step…they only spoke to the water different words. And do you know what happened? EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE WRITTEN WORDS! I couldn’t believe it, then they spoke the same word in different languages. For example, the ‘thank you’ crystals in English look different than the crystals formed by ‘Thank You’ in German. And then Japanese, Korean, French- they’re all different crystals for the same word! Isn’t that amazing! If I have that much power without Jesus, just imagine how powerful I am with Jesus in me. I really can say to the mountain- move!
With this knowledge also brings new responsibility. And this part is the convicting part. I know I have too much attitude and need to be more patient and loving. This is my prayer this day, week, and so on…
I want to be the kind of person whom everyone knows good things come out of. Please control my tongue when I am in a hurry and someone slow is in front of me. Please let me give life to others, by the use of my words. Thank you for showing me this power you have given us. It is so amazing! No other creation has this gift, and I pray we all use it for your glory.

This is a crystal which had the words ‘Love and Thankfulness’ spoken to it in German .

This is a crystal which has the word, ‘Love’ spoken to it in English.

This is a crystal which had the word, ‘Devil’ written on it in Japanese.This is a crystal which has the words, ‘Thank You’ spoken in English.

This is a crystal which has the word, “Wisdom” spoken to it in Japanese.

This is a crystal which had no words spoken or written to it- left totally alone.

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  1. wow, Alexis, thank you for sharing this, I stand in awe with you and marvel at God’s greatness and the power of the word we have through HIM! May He bless you and guide you in that!!

  2. Lol. You know. I am still a bit skeptical about if that really worked but I love the concept and no matter if it worked or not It still rings true and hits home. I share it with ya sis, that is the feeling of regeneration, except in a new area.

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