Country’s Traditions

I can remember times this past summer, where we simply wanted to be ‘home’ (wherever that is). And as frustrating as that was…WE WANT TO TRAVEL SO BADLY! You know that itch or desire to see and taste a new culture? We have that to our core- the next ‘exotic’ place we want to explore is Japan, although I have no idea when we’ll get an oppertunity to do that. We are happy and content revisiting and seeing new friends in Europe (we’ll soon be living there). There is just something about finding the wierd silly words or traditions a country has. And you might go up to someone and ask why they do that habit, and I bet you 8 out of 10 times they won’t know-‘it’s our tradition’.

For example: Why is it SO important to Americans (and I know I am one) that their water be ice cold? Where did we get that? Where else in the world is that a thing to be complaining about?! I can remember going to summer camps in europe, and I was around some americans when they found out their water will not be freezing cold. My gosh, such complaining I heard. I got embaressed and frustrated, and told them to be respectful of the country they were in- I mean come on people, your not in America!

It is actualy scientificly researched and shown how luke-warm water is better absorbed into your blood stream and that the temperature of ice cold water has a stunning affect to the body. That is why you can feel it go down your throat – your body is not made for anything that extreme! Where did we get that culture mandate? I have no idea…but when in America, expect ice cold water. In the same way, when in Europe-expect differences!

…I can’t stand it when Americans in Europe complain about how much better everything is in the USA- then people: I think you should stay in the US- FOREVER and never leave. Please.

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  1. Yes, it is so true… I wish we were somewhere doing what we know we love to do because God called us to do it! I just want to throw a pitty party and cry to God… isn’t that how it works 😉

  2. But Ice water is soo much better.. As long as it is not hot i am fine. Hot teas are no good… Blech!!! And hot water was made for showers, boiling things, coffee, cocoa, cappucinos…. the list could go on… But i shall spare the details.

    We have become such an instant society that I too Long to go where life is appreciated…. Not De-preciated…

    I can’t wait for summer and France.. this will be nice….

  3. First of all I loooove the picture of you and travis together! very beautiful. and actually here is my official statement: I am an American for I do not like warm water , even the cold water in Germany is warm to me now 🙂

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