Details on the new Job

Ok, so my new job…
I went to a local cafe and meet with some people I already know, the Leitners, and we talked about me working for their construction company. I would be all details( woohoo!) and I would eventually be working about 40 hours and be working 20 hrs for the company and then 20hrs more for an intern program which will be started.
I am SO excited to be working for them because this goes with our desire to start an intern program in Poland and start a small company which will provide for the program. PERFECT! This is exactly what this man has in mind-but for Portland. We will be moving, in March, to East side Church and work in a space which will be leased to us. The whole group of employees meet every Wednesday and pray for half an hour and encourage each other. It is too good to be true. 🙂 The only down side is that Travis and I have only one car. So we are going to have to share…and it could get tough at times. I am excited but nervous as well, which I think is normal and healthy. We’ll see how good it all turns out this coming Wednesday at 7:30 am…

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  1. Wow!!! I got Excited just reading this! That is awesome. What type of company in Poland are you looking into?

  2. A coffee shop which will have a book store attached which will also sell my jewelry.

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