Women. I had two women come over today to hang out and chit-chat. That’s not too abnormal unless you know the two women who came. The first was Christina, a young 20 yr old who recently got married. The other, Linda, is a 45 yr old woman who has three kids and runs a business- then there was me, a 25 newly wed. I was excited and nervous because of the different dynamics that we each brought to the table. However, as time past (2 1/2 hrs) , I was struck at how much Linda has to give. She talked about how when she was in her twenties, she was apart of a small bible study group which included older women. One important point she made was how not one of the women talked badly/gossiped of her husband. I love that! It says in Titus that we, as women, are to respect our husbands and never get drunk for then we shame the gospel. And as we talked, I realized that all the gossip I hear so often from wives is actually shaming the message of Christ. HOW HORRIBLE!
If I ever seem to waver and start to drift into the category of gossiping…about anything, then I pray that you correct me. I want to learn this the first time because I sure don’t want to trash someone behind their back and then try to learn the lesson again, is that really learning?

So, as she talked more of the wisdom they had imparted to her, I felt a twinge of wanting.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we, today, were able to sit and talk with older women or men and tell them of our struggles and they in turn would encourage our spirit and impart wisdom into our situation?! Yet we, young people, would also give. We teach and encourage where they are doubing and unsure. I don’t believe it is wishful thinking-but a possibility! This is something I feel so strongly about that I want a group of women to come to my house one day a week in the morning and just talk. But there is one pre-curs er: We must communicate the spiritual lessons/truths God is teaching us.
I don’t want this group to be a shallow talking group of women that only swap recipes cards. How lame would that be. I want to learn new things through other women, I want to see what God is doing in others lives. I want to pray for those and create a safe/connection group that helps each see the wonders of Christ.
…please God, let this happen.

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  1. This is my heart, too! wonderful idea to have women around you who share their heart about the Lord and what He shows them on a daily basis!! I was thinking of you today and your time with these two!!

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