Disapointment to Faith

I recieved bad news this last Thursday. My friend/fellow jewelry maker took a load of our creations to her old work, a hospital. They have always been really nice and excited to see us… and they buying a lot of our stuff! However, this last time she went, she was told by her old supervisor that we are no longer able to sell at the hospital because of new rules with soliciting. We were crushed! We were also told that in the far future, we might also not be able to sell at a salon stand we have our pieces at. And actually, with that one, none of the hair stylists will be able to keep any jewelry they are selling-at least it isn’t just us!
It was funny, once we heard the news we immediately started to encourage eachother even though it was clear that each of us were individualy shaken. So, now we are focusing on the HUGE jewelry party we are throwing in January with complimentary pedicures! It is easy to feel discouraged each day because I have a lot of time on my hands and would love to be making things to sell. I mean come on- it’s the Christmas season! This is the season to be selling ANYTHING if you make something. Well, I guess I will totaly have to put all my eggs in God’s basket…because what we are trying to do is not working.

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