Visitors and more Jewelry

I’m sitting in a chair in our living room and the sun is shining through the windows helping me stay warm. 🙂 Yesterday Travis and I invited a couple we were looking forward to get to know better, however at the last moment they took a raincheck because of their baby boy. Although I was really disapointed we were still able to have people over. Travis and I called and some friends who are in college who were able to hang out. It was wonderful having people in our home and to play hostess. I don’t know where it comes from or why we women like it, but playing hostess is fun. Near the end we looked at some wedding pictures of ours on our T.V. and then talked. It was wonderful having them all here.
On a different subject I spent some time making two bracelts and a dark purple amythist knecklace this morning. I hope to have them on ebay soon. You could pray for the jewelry thing to start up. I am frustrated and ready to start our jewelry bussiness. I want to see people’s faces light up when they see our creations. Each piece we make is a one of a kind and no creation is duplicated so what they are getting is a one of a kind piece of jewelry. I love making them- pray that I am able to sell enough to do it as a job. Thanks!

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