Dreams of Jewelry

Ok, now I have time. I have found a willing neighbor who allows me to use their connection, how nice. So, as I said before, we got a job and a house. Everything is really great. I want to talk about a passion I have though-Jewelry. I know what all the guys are thinking, and no I am not a the kind of girl who would spend $20 on earrings. But I would sell them for that much, you see I make jewelry. I know it’s something God has given me the ability to do, so I want to run with it and see how far I can go. I have been looking into convention centers, private selling, and ebay. I have realized I am at the same level as the ebay sellers and am excited to see people liking my creations and wanting them. Money is really a secondary or even ‘thirdary’ perk. The fact that other people like what you created is SO affirming.
I you would like to buy any jewelry from me or my other partner conact me through this blog. We are a small company called: A&B Jewelry.

Thanks for visiting! I'm a happy mom and wife who loves the smell of books, traveling and food. I like dreaming about alter egos, snuggling with Emma and going on dates with hubby,Travis. Pretty much anything creative I'm into. I hope you enjoy my rants and raves and come back soon. Oh, and I love comments so please feel free to let me know what you think!
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  1. Go miss Eileen, you rock! your Jewelry is beautiful stuff and that comes from a real foreigner:)))

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