Job Oppertunity

Please pray for me. I have been given the oppertunity to apply for a job which I feel very much unqualified. I am actually suprised and honored that Jesus would want me to think and concider this oppertunity. If I were to accept, I would have to quit my wonderful job which I love and also release some of the ministry I serve in now. However, I would be learning an amazing amount by strong women of God and could see this as a ‘spiritual promotion’- if you want to call it that.
It is as though He sees something in me that can tackle this opening and would like me to look into it. I met with the people today and we decised that I would come with a decision to apply/decline by the end of the week. I am going to fast tomorrow and see what He will tell me- it would be wonderful if you could take time as you read this right now to say a quick prayer for me. God will honor it and it would mean a great deal to me. Thank you…

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  1. Who would be served more through this job change, God or you? Choose God (it usually works better). Best bet- get drunk and flip a coin. or just flip a coin, sort of like the Isrealites did.

  2. did you get the job?

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  4. Eileen, I cannot wait to read some more of your thoughts. God bless you these days, graduate of the class of 2006!!!

  5. I pray God’s wisdom and grace for you!

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