Birthday Dilemnas

I have a friend whose wife is throwing him a suprise birthday party. My fiance and I are really close to this family and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. The only problem is that he is impossible to buy for. Do you know the type of person I am speaking of? There is always one or two in a family that are just…well impossible to buy for.
I looked for Blazzer tickets for his present from me and Travis (my fiance), only they are an arm and a leg! What ever happened to the cheap tickets where you went to a sporting event and you left grumbling about the food prices?! Man, those where the good old days, lol. Not today, the tickets are SO much more expensive than I thought they would be. (I mean come on, when did they go to any kind of NBA Championship recently?)
With that said-I need help! I have no idea what to got him and the party is on Saturday. Does anyone know of a great present that doesn’t cost over $75? He is also a person who doesn’t want a ‘thing’. He would rather get an event or something like that. Anyways, any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Take them to a play, or a hocky game or dinner and a comedy show. There are a couple of really good plays coming to Portland right now one of them is my favorite 42nd Street. Its a musical from the 40s about making a play. Winter Hawks (Hockey your team)have a couple of games coming up and those tickets are any where from 7-20$ depending on where you want to sit. There is the Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing show. Those tickets are 18$-25$….. There is a ton of events going on down there……Remember the hard to shop for people always appreciate a yummy dinner and good company; that’s always the best present….

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