New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are huge. I think they are the only way gyms stay in business. I can remember years ago, going into a gym with a friend a couple of weeks after the new year, and can clearly remember what it felt like to be so excited to work out. The thrill of changing into clothes that really should not fit that tightly to anyone’s body, drinking the sugar drinks promising to be hydrating and stepping onto the dreaded machine- the scale.
…ahh the memories. That excitedness and anticipation to see change sadly lasted only a couple months. None the less, I think it is healthy to have the ambition to want to change the old to new. A friend of mine is wanting to loose weight while another friend wants to be able to stick to boundries she has set for herself.
I myself, am not sure what I want as a resolutoin. Knowing I don’t have to choose anything is a bit releaving, however I find I’m addicted to the feeling of…well, hope. Having the hope to acomplish what I want to. Now I know many could challenge and debate whether my thought process is healthy, but I am content to hope for tomorrow. Hope that I can do something that could improve me either physicaly, emotionaly or even spiritualy.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

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