Leaves are gone…

The leaves are gone and in it’s place are icicles and frost. the birds no longer churp and dance on the branches but instead the wind whistles and has the trees dance with her to her unheard waltz. What does winter hold?
Lakes and rivers freeze, protecting fish and other pieces which have found their way to the riverbed. Protecting them with branches and mud, beavers bravely live between the two worlds. The trees and wind as their neighbors and eating the fish trapped under the ice ready for the catch.
What does winter hold?
For me, it holds warm memories of sitting around a fire snuggling in a favorite blanket. Hot cocoa and thick books waiting to be picked up. Watching movies over and over and staying in bed half an hour after waking up.
The cosy hats as my helmet, gloves as a sword and fleece lined coats as a shield prepare me to fight mother nature. With all her weapons : snow, wind and ice…my warmth is well protected.

-that warmth snuggly and tightly held in my memories.

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  1. very eloquent way of putting on the armor of God 😉 I like your style.

  2. winter is death. remember, the “armor of God” is a precaution, not an excuse to sit and wait.
    i don’t know what i’m talking about. hah hah… lost

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