A Mothers Love…

Here is a tough story-but true. I wish it weren’t…
Travis and I were in the parking lot of a Target when a woman passed us with her two children at her side. She was holding her son and her daughter was next to her-she was about 4. We heard horrible words the mother was yelling to her daughter- ‘Just shut up Cory. Just f*@! off Cory’ I’m telling you the truth when i say my that my face got hot and I was ready to ring that mothers neck. I was shocked that she would tell her daughter that…stuptified. What was she thinking?! What must the daughter be feeling?!
I took Child Educatoin for my work and what that mother said to her children and what else she might be saying is seriously damaging to both the kids. Where was the mothers love? Was it in the ‘shut-up’ or ‘f*@! off’?
People, if we are given children- we need to be the best parents we can be for our kids. Period. I do not see ANY good coming out of sharp and hurtful words.
Lord, may You open the eyes of the parents who are hurting their kids daily. I pray that You send someone who will either show them how to stop cussing out their kids or You take the kids out of the family. And I also pray for the kids-protect them. Lord, allow them to become deaf when their parents are frustrated at them and start saying hurtful things. May You also bring people into their lives who give encouraging, life giving words. Amen.

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  1. have you considered doing something, other than praying? to spread love, you must share love. walking away, turning red does nothing. let there be no compulsion in religion, and let there be no shame in professing the gospel.
    (“we can wound each other- isn’t that what people do?”)

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