Gorge Winds Blowin’

I live near a gorge. It’s a wonderful and beautiful sight to see and expore in, but in the winter and spring time- it’s windy. Now I’m not talking about wind that gently blows your hair or wind that make tree leaves look as if their dacing to an unheard symphony. No-I’m talking about the wind that picks up trees, topples garbage cans, makes telephone poles sway and makes you think that to go outside is suicide. I for one did my part of grumbling because of the cold and well… freezing cold wind. Howeve I decided to turn a leaf and embrace the energy it brings to the city. I mean really, how often can I remember holding my hat onto my head and running diagonally because of the power of the wind?
This wonderous wind instead makes me more thankful for the normal conveniences I would have taken for granted. Example: hats which protect my ears, fleece lined gloves, electric blankes, tall shrubbs to hide behind from the wind, cars with heating and tall buildings to protect me from the speading leaves and debree.
So thank you!
(even though i can say this right now snuggled inside my electric blanket listening to christmas music… I will see how I feel tomorrow when I have to walk to and from to school.)

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