We’re heading to Seattle today for Trav’s 10 yr high school reunion (he’s old!). It should be interesting and fun. Staying with his parents and we haven’t seen them in a long time so it should be good for them to see Emma. Yesterday we went to the park and I took some pictures of my little model girl.

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Onion Rings

I have noticed a trend in my making and baking…it all seems to be unhealthy. Unfortunately this post isn’t any better. Instead of being super sweet it’s super greasy. But it was really tasty! Yes, as you can tell from the title of this post, I made onion rings for dinner last night. (link is a similar recipe. I didn’t follow any but fooled around in the kitchen and made my own kinda) I was really nervous because I was making them with red onions. Would they turn out and taste as good as yellow onions? Yes! They didn’t look like a bloomin onion or anything, but they were great! And super fast and always a favorite with me. One red onion made about 15 onion rings. I apologize for the pictures- not my best or favorite. I am still learning how to take pictures at night and use all the different options my camera has. It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of the flash either. Hope you can make them- kids would enjoy helping you.

Yesterday Emma and I went to the park to enjoy the falling leaves and cooler weather. It was nice to get out of the house and not have to drive anywhere. Below are also some photos of our time there. Enjoy!

You have to have it with ketchup of course!

A close up...yikes....still figuring out the lighting situation in my kitchen

She's so darn cute!

Emma and I- she has striking blue eyes

And lastly my favorite. I love black and whites

Laurel Hurst Park

I know I already posted today, showing you Emma’s cute little purple friend. But today’s outing was too beautiful to keep to myself. There was a yoga class (and I told Trav- ‘just like in the movies!’), people with their dogs, people reading, picnicking and of course the random young couple making out.

Fortunately for you I didn’t take any pictures of them! 🙂 hehe But I did take photos of some amazingly beautiful breathtaking trees. There’s even a picture showing you I’m an real tree hugger. hehe j/k

Enjoy and have a great rest of your night. Tomorrow Emma and I are going to the Zoo with a friend and her daughter. It should be nice and I’ll be looking for unconventional pictures to take. Enjoy!


Family photo

Weeping willow

Tree Huger


A dream