Organizing Storage


Every time I go into this bathroom I cringe. It’s the reality. A Big Fat Mess. It’s the catch all for random things I want out of my sight. But no more!

I decided that I needed to change this opportunity at the next pay period. Hello dollar store white storage boxes! Even though I think I need a couple more, I’m happy with the almost finished result. 


The boxes hold most of my creative items. You know, all those things that get lost so easily. This is in the guest bathroom so the shower is never used- thus I don’t have to worry about anything I store in here.


This room has no natural light. Really disliking the yellowness in the pictures. But oh well. A pile of fabric is always a welcomed sight.


Have a great day everyone! I’m off to a park with Emma and hopefully to take some great pictures. I’ve been feeling the itch to take some profile/close ups of some friends for a while. Love that they have no idea and I’m going to surprise them by saying, ‘OK, lets take some close ups of YOU!’ hehehe

DIY: Jewelry Box


This is a way overdue post. I took these pictures last February. Yeah, that late…

This isn’t an incredibly clever post. But one that I sorta fell into, walking into a craft store. (haha get it?!)

**rolling of the eyes**

Anyhoo, I saw this organizer thing for 50% off and at about $10 I snatched it up and hugged it close to my chest knowing someone would try to take it away from me. 🙂


It is made of two layers. I painted the whole thing white. (to make the colors of my jewelry stand out to me)


And had no intention of making it ‘shabby chic’ but the brush I was using couldn’t get to the corners so I worked with it. I accepted it’s ‘shabby-ness’ and for now I like it.

(*but could totally imagine it in candy red! Or teal! hehe!)


If you know me, you know I had to add some sparkle. 🙂

It will probably change in the future, but it holds all my jewelry. Happy day indeed! 

Happy new year everyone!