My mom: Creativity

I grew up thinking that most moms decorated their houses with things they made. For example, in our home, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s hearts, country style, doilies and maroon was everywhere in our living room. My mom, being the CREATIVE GENIUS she is made pretty much everything. She painted, wrote, sewed, stuffed and put her finger print on pretty much every inch of our home. (also cooked mostly from scratch) I still have the beautiful purple velvet quilt she made me which is pretty special and I get all nostalgic snuggling with Emma in it.


I can’t remember what state we were living in, but I remember going on dates with her to Hobby Lobby. It seriously felt like I was walking into Santa’s workshop. She would always always get me something small, which I would think was the best thing ever. And ever since I can remember she has always been excited about creating. Something that has been naturally passed down to me.


One memory I clearly remember is living in Albany,OR and I was maybe around 5th/6th grade, and I wanted to start my own Christmas collection. Silly things, but things that she and I went to the craft store and bought.

I so wanted to make my room an extension of the rest of the house and wanted to learn how to decorate like her. Never told her that of course, but just that I wanted my own Christmas decorations.

I remember specifically this silly probably really cheap fake Christmas tree and plastic ornaments for it. She also got me a white Nutcracker with a golden sword and black hat. I think I still have it actually. Somewhere. And I love it.

Around that time my dad was over sees for Christmas and since we couldn’t get a tree we decorated a tall fake white birch ‘tree’ we had in our living room. It was so much fun and challenging trying to get it to look nice. I specifically remember looking to the left of me at her, seeing her smiling and getting excited at what we were doing. I now understand that high.

I will call it Crafters High.


But now, years and years later, when she comes to my house I still love and desire to hear her thoughts and creative advice. Nobody has such awesome out of the box solutions like her. Sorry, my mom is better. 🙂


You rock.

Love, Alexis





These next few posts are for you. I could thank you for the millions of ways you were the greatest mom. But for today: I wanted to thank you for growing me up showing what fierce love looks like.

Today in women’s group we were asked to share one special memory with our mom we had growing up. I instantly had one that is at the core of who I am thanks to you.

For my turn, I proudly shared that my memory was a continuous action of love showed by you. Growing up, when I had bad/scary/spiritual dreams, you were ALWAYS there. Showing me your love and fierce protection. You not only settled my fears but showed me how to pray and taught me how much God would never leave me-showed through you. I constantly remember, in all the different houses we lived in, falling asleep hearing you pray for me.

I remember you spending hours with me, in the wee hours, sacrificing your much needed rest and putting me first. Never complaining, telling me not to worry about it or telling me to go to bed. It is such a tender and special memory to me that influenced who I am and has bled into another generation-to Emma. Your example molded the way I parent and what it means to be there for Emma.

Because of you, Emma is the benefactor of what you sowed in me as a baby. ich liebe dich mutti!

My mom

My mom wrote this in an email to me. Love you mom…


” I love summer, but am quite ready for fall. I love the cooler weather, wearing warm fuzzy sweaters, the shadowy trees silhouetted in the fog (oh, yeah!), enjoying a hot drink while watching the rain come down, stepping on crisp leaves and hearing them crunch beneath your feet, sitting by a warm, crackling fire and soaking up its heat.

Yes, fall and winter have a beauty of its own. Witnessing the snowflakes slowly dancing their way from heaven to earth, listening to the wind sing its song of praise to mankind. The gift is in noticing the beauty and glory all around. It’s all there, just waiting to be noticed.”


Queen Gina

My mom fully lives up to her name, Queen. She is that mom that made things from scratch, had homemade cookies waiting for us when we got home and constantly told us how much she loved us. This mom, is for you…


If we were in the same town I would take you out and we would spend our time laughing, crying over trials and more than likely stuffing our faces with cheesy biscuits from Red Lobster. I wish we were together on this beautiful day. I’m hugging and kissing you from way down here.

I wanted to thank you for growing me up to the woman and mom I am today.

~Thank you for having my favorite homemade cookies waiting for me when I got home from school, it was such a special memory for me. And it wasn’t the cookies, but the fact that I knew you knew it was special to me and you do it.

~Thank you for reading and snuggling with me in bed.

~For all those night times you would stay up with me praying till I fell asleep. You gave me a godly example of how to stand in the gap for my children, no matter what time it is or how tired I feel.

~You showed me that traditions are also what make families moving forward in hard transitions. All the moves we made growing up, I could always depend on the familiar snack trays and Christmas Eve presents.

~For all those times you had me come and help you volunteering to help homeless and those who are under privileged. Benevolence is a huge part of who I am today and I will help out those in need.

~Because of you I love to cook. You make amazing food and encourage me to try new things.

~Because of you I have fond wonderful memories of Pizza Hut, glasses of ice and of course…Pepsi. 🙂

~Because of you I have a pride in my German heritage and love the language, culture and food. Ich liebe dich sehr viel mutti.

~Because of you I saw your passion for missions and that sparked my interest and curiosity to see the world. You made it possible for me to be open to the idea of being a missionary- God used you as an instrument.

Thank you mom for who you are and know that all the times when it felt like you might have failed- you didn’t. You have been God’s tool. I know you might feel like you haven’t done all that your heart is passionate for. The feeling you have that you were made for something more and special is true.

You have children who love and respect you. Happy Mommy’s day Mutti…I am very proud to tell people you’re my MOM not sister. 😉

If I were there I would give you lilacs to bring fragrance to your house and Emma would probably give you a kiss to her Moma showing her love to you.


Your daughter


Yes I’m alive

(push F11 to see this full screen!) And I haven’t forgotten you. I have been wanting to post, but being in Seattle, not always around a computer and visiting EVERYONE has been a bit overwhelming. SO I just focused on trying to document it with my little Fuji friend. All in all, I took over 200 pictures. Yikes.

I first want to show you my good friends Ferry and his wife Robyn. They have an adorable little boy, Josiah. They live in Holland and both our families look forward to hanging out more when we’re in Europe.

Robyn and I

Robyn, I just have to say that I count it a huge privilege to have been able to be apart of your life for the past 4 or so years. I am happy to see how much Ferry loves and dote’s on you.  Having our children be friends as they grow up is just the icing on the cake.  I really really look forward to going on holiday’s together as families and having Thanksgivings together too.  ~alexis

After stuffing ourselves at Claim Jumpers-yum

(I love how pale fair skinned Emma and I are)

Emma and Josiah

OK, and now a huge amount of pictures. I took some on Thanksgiving…but that is for another post. You will understand later. hehehe My sister and I woke up at 4:30am and went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. And it was a blast seeing old ladies push their way tot the cashier and get free little gifts that I’ll either throw away soon or give to Goodwill. For this post, it’s of Trav, me and Emma along with my mom and sister Jamie. (Check out her blog here!) We went downtown for black Friday and saw the Christmas tree lighting. It was beautiful, cold, fun, cold, a great memory and cold. At least Emma was all bundled up.

I can't believe I used to live in this amazing city!

Trav and Emma

cute huh 🙂

Me and Travis in heaven

Travis and my mom My mom and sister Jamie

*sigh, I love my sista

'Rawr' says Jamie

Silly girls on the Monorail Jamie taking MILLIONS of pictures

Monorail Station Here it comes

Clean city

Everywhere we went the garbages were full of people’s trash. As ‘duh’ sounding as it is, Seattle-ites keep their city clean! They use their garbages and there isn’t any lying around on the streets. And of course the garbages were filled mostly with Starbucks cups. But hey, it was a cold night and what else would you drink?!

The tree before it was lit The tree after it was lit

Before and after the tree was lit. They even had fireworks after it! They also had choirs to lead the masses in Christmas carols before it was lit.

The best baby ever

Emma is the best toddler baby ever. She didn’t fuss, want out or anything else. She even fell asleep in the stroller. *sigh, my little personal angel.

Wow beautiful My city man

It was a LONG night and so we went home and snuggled in our fleece pj’s  with your pants stuffed into your socks- don’t judge us we were freezing. (my mom and I) and Trav zoned out on his new phone, Jamie was into downloading her picts, Emma was asleep in her room and there was coffee brewing.

Fleece pj's Trav and his phone

I think we went to bed around 11pm. Long black Friday day. But oh so worth it.