Day 13: me with 13 things

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a¬†30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. ūüôā

Day 13: me with 13 things (or people in this case)
This was taken a couple Octobers ago but it’s a special picture. It was when Travis and I went to LA for a fundraising seminar– which was amazing. These people are so special to me and I will never forget all the silly times (like getting lost in downtown LA-which is lame at 9pm) to getting to hear them talk about the people God placed on their hearts.

Polish Restaurant in LA

We went to an amazing Polish¬†restaurant¬†tonight here in LA. (can’t believe I wrote that sentence!) Trav and I went with a couple that we had met here who care called to Mexico. They are super nice and passionate for the families in Mexico who have nothing. They not only build houses and provide food for the many touched by their ministry, but they reach the people’s spiritual needs more importantly.


We ranted and raved about how amazing Polish food is and as we sat down I realized that there was a chance they might not like it! They’re called to a country that eats mostly beans and rice so what would they do with stuffed cabbage and¬†sauerkraut¬†stew? (which is my favorite)


They gave us soup, salad, main course and dessert. Crazy good food! This is a picture of the amazing salad that I devoured- and I don’t like salad. I run away from anything that looks like close to it.


The food guy ate here! I was so impressed and happy we tried this place! (thinking of you Amy!) They also decorated wierdly. Like with a rabbit with ears…um, yeah. Hey, made me smile! It was so good to hear Polish again it actually surprised me. I practiced whatever minimal Polish I knew and was apparently¬†understandable because she started talking to me a million miles a minute and I was like….”uh, tak?” ( “uh, yes?”) then we all laughed.

After that Travis in his all knowing wisdom answered her questions. I have a lot of Polish to learn!


I have more pictures to upload but I’m both tired and cold. Bed time. More pictures to follow in the morning!

Friendship Appreciation

I am finding myself more emotional as our time here draws to an end. I am all kinds of feelings. This last Thrusday I started to cry because I was struck by all the amazing young people we were around and how much I would miss them. I know it surprised them but after I explained my emotionalism they understood. I think.

With all theses feelings I was surprised by a question that crept up. Did any of it matter? We have poured into many people here and I feel like those relationships have now changed. Depressing. We have tried to follow up and maintain a friendship, but it seems like a lost cause. Busi-ness is the most common explanation. And I totally take¬†responsibility¬†of those friendships too. I had times when I didn’t give to those around me and let it dry up.

I can’t but feel left out. Feeling left out of their life. Invisible. I know this is¬†exactly¬†what being a missionary will be like oversees but it doesn’t make the feelings go away. Feeling them here is just as painful as it will be anywhere….just verbally throwing up on you…you poor¬†unexpected¬†reader. Like most people, not just missionaries, I would like to know if what I gave people meant anything. Feeling loved and appreciated is normal but showing others you love them is not common. Sad.