My Friend

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I think we all have those people in our lives- you the ones. The ones that inspire us. Which means we will, inevitably, compare ourselves to them and it never works out in our little brains. (which is why we should never compare, but so is humanity)

So I have this friend who  fits in that category of just awesomeness. She is open and real with herself and not shy in sharing her life with others. Which is courageous if you think about it. She and I have been friends for some time and a common passion of ours is writing. We just love it and on occasion- need it. Last year she lost a friend suddenly and is still writing/processing through it. Tough times. 

As we talked last night, she shared about her experience at a “writing conference weekend thing”. I was immediately jealous and hungry to hear every little detail. A long lost desire of mine had been to become a writer as an adult. Instead, I was given the bigger and sweeter responsibility of  being a mom. But the desire still pops it’s head in now and then…

She and I had been in the same place of having a blog but not writing on it because of life happening. Which isn’t much of an excuse but oh well. So as we were talking, it was clear the spark of writing was in her eyes and it excited me. Inspired me. Enough so that I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging. 

Yaaayy! I know a couple of you die hard fans have come up to me and asked about the hyades on here. Well, I’m back. There’s a couple things weird with this theme so it’ll be changing a bit here and there but I hope to be posting more regular on here. 

Peace out friends.


Friendship Appreciation

I am finding myself more emotional as our time here draws to an end. I am all kinds of feelings. This last Thrusday I started to cry because I was struck by all the amazing young people we were around and how much I would miss them. I know it surprised them but after I explained my emotionalism they understood. I think.

With all theses feelings I was surprised by a question that crept up. Did any of it matter? We have poured into many people here and I feel like those relationships have now changed. Depressing. We have tried to follow up and maintain a friendship, but it seems like a lost cause. Busi-ness is the most common explanation. And I totally take responsibility of those friendships too. I had times when I didn’t give to those around me and let it dry up.

I can’t but feel left out. Feeling left out of their life. Invisible. I know this is exactly what being a missionary will be like oversees but it doesn’t make the feelings go away. Feeling them here is just as painful as it will be anywhere….just verbally throwing up on you…you poor unexpected reader. Like most people, not just missionaries, I would like to know if what I gave people meant anything. Feeling loved and appreciated is normal but showing others you love them is not common. Sad.