Day 28&29: Flowers/Black and White

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂

Day 28 and 29: Flowers/Black and White
Love this picture I took of Emma and the headband. Just dreamy for some reason. Like a little window into that time.
OK, up next is a black and white. It was taken by her. We had a family photo shoot done for Christmas last year and it was so much fun! 

DIY: Fabric Flower Necklace

This DIY project is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time. It’s simple, beautiful and my favorite part is that you can customize it to your liking. Many more will be made.


Lots of awesome pictures are coming…get a favorite drink in hand and be ready for some eye candy. 🙂

Fist you need to get some fabulous cheap fabric. For this just one reason I am crazy about Jo Ann’s.


Next cut a felt circle and trace it on the back side of any fabric you want to make a flower of. It’s so the fabric and felt circles are the same size. Looks better that way.


Now after cutting circles, take one and fold it twice. So it looks like this:


Then just start sticking them on the felt circle. One at a time till you get yourself a flower!

Forgot to take a picture of a finished flower. Whoops. I got too caught up in the creating. Really. You can kinda see it on the right side of the picture above.

But Emma did take a couple pictures while I was making the necklace. My ‘craft table’ with tons of scraps, hot glue and smelly candles. Cutting the circles took the most time.


Next, once your flower is complete, you want to slather the backside with hot glue.


And before you put it down on more felt, you want to attach a long piece of chain. This way, the necklace chain is secure, in between two pieces of felt. Picture shows better than I could explain.


Does that make more sense now? Hope so. So now you have your necklace and it’s almost done!


Just cut away the felt from the flowers an that’s it!


Emma really wanted one…and I can’t say no to Emma wanting to do crafts. So this was created:


Let me know if you try it! 🙂

DIY: Celery Flower Stamps

I saw this on Pintrest and thought SO EASY!! But I also don’t want these awesome ideas I pinned to collect cyber dust and stay in the ‘I’ll do it someday’ file.

So here it is! You should do it! Think shirts, pillow cases, kitchen towels, tote bags, baby bibs, etc.


I wanted to do something to combated the pink in our house. Blue tones it is.

(* make sure to always have something under the fabric you’re stamping.* Yes, mine bleed through and I freaked out because I was afraid it would stain our white dining room table)


Not too happy with the picture, but it’s what I got today.

YES you should try this!

YES you should start thinking about homemade Christmas presents!

YES more homes need celery stamped flowers. 🙂


I was sick yesterday. Boo. But a wonderful friend brought me a get well package! How thoughtful! Amongst all the wonderful treats was a plant of beautiful light purple flowers.


SO pretty and are now planted snuggly next to my chives and other herbs. (needed some hight to that planter)

But flowers are also my worst enemy these days. I am now in the full swing of seasonal allergies. Honestly, nothing too bad to complain about. I’m mostly allergic to the beautiful flowers that are blooming and making our world more beautiful so…no room to complain.

There is something I seriously LOVE about a little kid having a messy face.


She was a good sport for a while, but then all patience for me and the camera vanished.

14127356097.jpgI don’t think she was expecting me to bust up laughing at seeing this face. Unpredictability, it’s a parents secret weapon.

v day recap


We went to a pretty cute girly Valentines day party. They had cookie decorating, a craft with princess and pony stickers (heaven for them), heart sandwiches which were strawberry filled and TONS of other food. I think we adults had more selection. Which brings the parents in. 🙂


This is just part of the spread. She also made this creamy soup and also of course offered tea. We adults had heart shaped sandwiches too with curried chicken inside. Yum.

The hostess:


Thank you Amy for putting on this adorable party!


Please excuse the runny nose- tis the season. These slinky’s were in the goody bag they left with. Also were candy, lollipops, play dough and more candy! I seriously think Emma thinks this holiday is ‘Candy eating Day’.


I got a knock on my door while Emma was sleeping and it was a delivery of beautiful pink lilies! They also have a beautiful purple filler flower but have no idea what it’s called. I read the card Trav put with it and started crying. It was so sweet and I felt so loved.  (sigh)


I wish for your sake there was ‘smelloblog’. Our house smells so sweet thanks to those flowers.

Duvall, Washington

We went to Travis’ high school reunion this last weekend in Redmond, WA. It was really cool to be able to meet so many that I’ve heard about. Trav is also one of those people who keeps in contact with a lot of his old friends- the polar opposite of me. There was good friends, food and dancing. Not to mention a couple of shmoozy guys who were hoping I was Trav’s girlfriend. *eewwww

Anyways, we were able to spend a nice relaxing day with Trav’s family Sunday. Then again, any day in Duvall is relaxing and chill.  Altogether it was really nice and surprisingly humid. Enjoy the pictures! I had a hard time choosing between the 189 we took that day. I will definitely be posting more tomorrow.

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