Pictures of Friends

I’ve not been on this much recently because I’ve felt more and more like I’m on here too much. I want to be able to use my blog to chat with you all and to also be creative. But I’ve felt almost like a ‘I have to blog’ compultion and I wanted to nip that in the bud.

Travis took these pictures of our friend who was recently married in Frakfurt, Germany. The pictures here are of the civil celebration. The wedding ceremony was done the next day. I’m so glad Trav got the opportunity to go and have this adventure. He took them and I edited them from home while he was away. How cool is technology?!


Robyn and Josiah


Mr and Mrs!!!!


My favorite. I hope to print this out and send it to them framed. Nothing like a fabulous wedding picture!


There’s just something about weddings that make the world seem a little better. A little less crazy and scary. A little more hopeful. A little more full of love.


So glad you all had a great time and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Last but of course not lease, because lets face it, wh can get enough wedding pictures?!


My friend, Robyn

There are a lot of anxious thoughts about moving to another country. Poland is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to. I’m really looking forward to it and especially how their views and culture differ from ours. I like experiencing new ways of thinking. I am not, however excited about the unknown walls of discouragement and challenges. When I think about how my responses will be, I am reminded of a friend who married a European and is now living in Holland.

I would like to be like her when I grow up and live in Poland. She embraced the history, challenges and language with both hands. You can tell she made an early decision that she was not going to complain (and I haven’t heard her complain ONCE) and you can just tell she had a healthy adjustment. I have heard some stories of times she could have been discouraged, but her stubborn determination pushed her forward.


You have no idea I was planning on writing this, but you deserve all the praise in this post. I am glad to have you in mt life and look forward to spending time together in the soon future. You have embraced the Dutch with both hands and I will take your example when moving to Poland.


I don’t lie to myself and think moving to Poland will be all roses and stuff. It will be hard, but my friend has, unknowingly, shown herself to me as a role model. On Monday we will be flying to Krakow, Poland and will be staying there 3 weeks. I am challenging myself with embracing the language (and sounding ridiculously stupid) speaking more to people and giving all of undivided attention to the friends who we meet with. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll be updating this while we’ll be there.

peace out