Chloe, Pepper and Janek!

Chloe, Pepper and our new addition:

I am currently learning how the Holy Spirit is a comforter. Growing up in the church, I heard that always but never put any thought towards it. Well, I am now having a crash course in it and although it is uncomfortable sometimes, I am eager to learn more about who God is.

My last entry I talked about how Travis is getting a new kitten. Well he is here! We got him this last Sunday. He is very cute. At nine weeks old, his name is Janek. The ‘J’ is pronounced like a ‘Y’. We both talked about the name and after many funny ones, we finaly decided on this. It is Polish and comes from the same root as the name ‘John’. – the grace of God. Here are some adorable pictures. We have now 3 cats! It is very full of drama and emotion. 🙂 Funny, the girls aren’t too happy to have a man around…but he is great. Very curious and is forcing the ladies of the house to play with him.

On a sour note, I haven’t slept well for about…well…Sunday. Huh, what a connection. 🙂 But I wouldn’t change it- it’s so wonderful to have Chloe, Janek and Pepper.

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One Response to Chloe, Pepper and Janek!

  1. Kerstin Sunshine says:

    I love these pics of Janek- he is a cutie, a little schnuffi 🙂 look his hair seems to stand up on his back (grin) fun!!!
    cats rule (and for me spcial dogs do , too!)