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Happy National Bundt Cake Day!

Yes, today is the day you have been waiting for. I am sure you, like I, have been waiting expectantly for this wonderful day to arrive. I have been following an amazing blog and she is way into bundts. And when I say way, I mean WAY. She has been making bundt cakes everyday for the past 30 days! Beautiful pictures so please go and visit her. And if you want to mention my name, that’s OK with me. ūüėČ

I made a Chocolate Coffee Bundt cake with Peppermint Mocha icing. ¬†It has chunks of chocolate chips in it as well as instant coffee so it should taste somewhat coffee-ish. The icing is just peppermint mocha coffee creamer and powdered sugar.¬†Unfortunately¬†for the hard core bakers who are reading this- this is from a mix. Why? Because of a combination of no time, laziness and limited ingredients. I can’t wait to eat it- yummy!

No calories at all!

You can come over and have some with me. I just require that you bring many compliments and smiles.

You can come over

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  1. What a great looking Bundt. The flavors sound perfect. Happy National Bundt Day!!! I’m going to do a round up later this week. – mary the food librarian

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