Keeping the delicates inside

I have had enough experience with water logged plants. And with the recent amounts of rain, I decided to bring in my delicate flowers/herbs inside. I have a great window that gets morning and afternoon light so, now they have a new temporary home.


Emma is learning how plants grow from seeds and is getting a chance to see them grow first hand. I love seeing her slowly understand and show daddy what she’s learned each day.

baby snapsThe first time I visited Poland, I saw how most Poles have plants in their window sills. Totally fell in love with that. One thing Trav and I look forward to is having or making a green/sun room. In a perfect world it would be where we eat breakfast. But if all we get is a window sill, we will happily place lots of plants/herbs on the sill to enjoy.

beauty capturedThis is my strawberry plant, which I am slowly killing. If you can see the edges of the leaves they are dry and krinkled. I am limiting the sun now but I’m mostly praying it sticks through. Any tips? More water? Less/more sun?

This last picture is of Travis helping Emma learn her shapes.

learnning shapes

Reasons I love this picture:

1. Emma’s polka dot shirt rocks. Impossible to see her and not melt.

2. Love seeing them work on a project together.

3. Discovery toys are the best. Hands down.

4. Um, SHADOWS! That means there is a sun behind me! Blessed sun! Thank you God for bringing the brightness.

~ What do you think of the new blog layout?

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