Silly story

 ***These events have been overly dramatized for your enjoyment. It is lightly based on true events***

Muddy Buddies

Made a huge bag of these today (great picture huh!) and when Travis came home I proudly told him about it. (cause he likes chocolate treats)

He says, ‘oh…cool’ and turns away to do something.

What?! No smile or ‘Thank you love you’re the best because you have treats waiting for me when I come home?!’ I try again…

Voice raised a little bit, he mustn’t have heard me: ‘I made you a special treat today Trav….it has chocolate in it….don’t you like Muddy Buddies?!’ 

*half smile* ‘…..Uh, not really.’

voice raised a little more….‘Hahaha, wait, what?! You don’t like them?! But look, they have chocolate in them! See?!!!!


*shake, shake, shake, shake,shake*

He looks at me like I’m crazy, nods and turn to talk to Emma.

I stand in shock. Letting the truth of what he said settle deep down into my person. Allowing it to alter the very fabric of my homemaking DNA.

At times like these there is only one thing to do: Eat muddy buddies while typing this silly story and invite you to come over and eat some with me so I don’t explode from eating the whole bag.

(did I mention it’s 9 CUPS of muddy buddies?!)