Spring/Summer Wreath

I have a wreath that I change for each holiday/season. And with Valentines Day finished (and I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day over kill with green) I’ve decided to just do a Spring/Summer Wreath. After looking and looking, and talking with Trav who is just as opinionated as I am about wreaths, I have decided on this one. 

Please ignore the hanging head. But I’m thinking of adding a bit more yellows and brighter colors. Too much black/brown for a cheery wreath but thought it was perfect! Soft, whimsical, and easy to accomplish. (and cheap too-holla)

I can’t wait to show you when it’s done. 🙂

Our Christmas Wreath


My Christmas wreath. Isn’t it pretty?! 🙂  Only in the Pacific Northwest do we decorate with sparkly ferns.

We like our foliage. 


When I started this I was all alone, had no idea what I was doing or how much yarn it would take. I just started wrapping…and wrapping….and wrapping. My shoulder definitely hurt by the beginning end but it was worth it. Fyi, it is a huge wreath and took only one medium size spool of yarn. Don’t go over board like me and buy too much yarn.

Go ahead and make one yourself. Its fun, takes a little time but adds a little whimsical to your home. 

Our front door won’t close with it on so I am forced to hang it inside. It’s OK, I love it. I’ll also be changing it with every season. 🙂