I experienced heaven today. I cannot tell you how perfect this was for lunch.


Ingredients: Cucumber, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Hummus and Pita bread. Top it all off with wonderful Falafel from Costco and you have the perfect lunch. And at your home!

You can find Falaffel in the frozen section in Costco. Don’t have a membership like me? Split the cost and bounty with a friend!

Organics to You

To those of you who know Travis or myself, I am sure you have heard about our fruits and vegetables. Weird, huh. 🙂 Well, we are both very happy customers of a small local company here, in Portland, called ‘Organics to You’. Like most people, there is no way that we could afford buying organic fruits and veggies- it’s just so stinkin’ expensive! That was until I found these people on the Internet and since signing up a year ago, we couldn’t be happier. I think my two favorite parts is that they deliver TO MY DOOR and they cater to my likes/dislikes and fruit allergies. They really are amazing! Of course I have to give their web page:

Most every city has something like this. I first found out about this option from a friend who lives in Seattle and does it. I thought- ‘Whoa, I gotta do this’  ~Enjoy the pictures, all the produced shown came in the box along with a recipe that goes with the veggies in it. 🙂  Now to find recipes for them all. Fun stuff. Oh, one last thing I almost forgot:  If you ever buy bunches of herbs, just cut off the bottoms a bit and stick them in water. (just like you do with flowers) They soak up the water and will keep for you way longer. I got Basil and Italian Parsley.


All the Vegetables


Herloom Tomatoes

Herloom Tomatoes-yum.

Wine grapes

Basil and Italian Parsley