Cinnamon Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar Crumble


I am starting to learn to eat mainly what is in season. What can I say- I’m a slow learner.

And for us right now that means PEARS! Now I never buy pears. Yuck. The grainy consistency weirds me out- but Emma LOVES them so I bought a bag.

For $1.50.


I got this recipe a while back and didn’t like it. It was so dry. But I thought these soft pears (almost garbage soft) would be perfect. Here’s the recipe: I cut up 2 pears for this


The only change I did was I used cinnamon applesauce in place of oil and I used all white flour with the oatmeal. So I can say these are fat free! Besides the natural fats like those in the eggs, etc.

Not sure you do this, but I’ll add it in: I most always mix the dry ingredients first then add the liquids. That way everything is evenly mixed. No crazy clumps of baking powder. Yum.


A big thing to know about making muffins: DO. NOT. OVER. MIX!!! 

This is my batter done and ready to spoon into the cups.

16682631583.jpgI lined my muffin cups with wax paper. I found an old Martha Stewart article saying to use parchment paper. Didn’t have that, just wax paper, so I prayed they wouldn’t smoke and set the whole fire alarm off. 

They only smoked a little bit. 

Here’s how you do it:


I also made a brown sugar crumble on top. Ohhh yeah. 

Pear, cinnamon, oatmeal and now with a brown sugar crumble.


Fill in the cups and sprinkle with the crumble. Here is the before picture:


And the after:


Easy recipe. The thing that took the most time was folding the paper.



This would be great with any fruit you chose whatever the season. Cranberry, strawberry, peach and yes PEAR! Add nuts if that’s your fancy. This would be perfect for a picnic, Zoo outing, with pork chops or a soup&salad. 

It is crazy awesome moist. No need for butter. Enjoy them cold or with some hot tea, depending on your weather. (hi family in Texas!)

I debated to leave the skins on the pears and I’m glad I did. You can’t taste the skin, but you can see it. And that’s beautiful.

(all the ingredients are found in Europe also, so you friends over there can try this with me!)


DIY: Fabric Pom Pom


I am happy to say this is EASY. With a capital E. Some family members might be getting a necklace for Christmas. But not in the rainbow fabric, don’t worry. 🙂

Here are the materials:


I don’t pretend to be a wiz at creative things. I enjoy it and can get lost for days in projects but it all starts with me looking on the internet for directions. This was no different.


Just take a piece of fabric which is cut in a circle and fold it twice, like above picture.

Then put a tad hot glue on the end. Below picture.


Lastly, glue it to a piece of felt that was cut out in a circle.


A good thing to know, which I didn’t till too late, is to make the felt circle and the fabric circle the same size. If you mess up it’s no biggie. it will just look more uniform.


And there you have it! Done! 

Enjoy and let me know if you do it! When I make necklaces I’ll make another tutorial. 🙂


Have a fabric fabulous Tuesday!