I’m not sure I’ve written about this but I have a deep obsession with trees. Of any kind. But this picture so shows the beauty of a tree during the winter. Travis took it, I edited it. (It was taken with his phone- I know, amazing right?!)

Have a great day seeing the beauty in winter.

Laurel Hurst Park

I know I already posted today, showing you Emma’s cute little purple friend. But today’s outing was too beautiful to keep to myself. There was a yoga class (and I told Trav- ‘just like in the movies!’), people with their dogs, people reading, picnicking and of course the random young couple making out.

Fortunately for you I didn’t take any pictures of them! 🙂 hehe But I did take photos of some amazingly beautiful breathtaking trees. There’s even a picture showing you I’m an real tree hugger. hehe j/k

Enjoy and have a great rest of your night. Tomorrow Emma and I are going to the Zoo with a friend and her daughter. It should be nice and I’ll be looking for unconventional pictures to take. Enjoy!


Family photo

Weeping willow

Tree Huger


A dream

Warning: Tons of photos coming your way

I have an obsession with nature. Mainly trees,plants, grass and anything else organic and green. I think all the different shades of green are SO amazingly beautiful. So much so, that I’m seriously thinking about getting another  tattoo. (yes, I already have 2)  I’m thinking an elm tree on my wrist…still on the drawing board though.

So as I was saying, I love anything green. And I’m talking REAL green. Not the fake bright artificial green that turf is made of. Disgusting. Travis is going to be finishing this blog for me with a really cool custom header. One I get to chose and create. I obviously want something green and of nature. That, I thought, would correctly represent myself. After taking a couple (more like 27) pictures, I began taking some of a couple cool trees, branches and sadly, a dying  leaf. (evil insects) Enjoy! I’m planning on taking seasonal pictures and post them with each season as it arrives. I have a couple trees and shrubbery that will turn beautifully bright in Autumn and I’m SO looking forward to that. OK, enough for now. Enjoy your Wednesday as I leave for the dentist. 🙁

~I had to sneak a couple photos of our cats in. hehe

A hill I named: Nobb Hill

Can't see the Forest through all the Trees

Sad Leaf

Pretty Tree Limb