Cinnamon Rolls

I have been wanting to get into the habit of making more tutorials. Mainly because when I look at blogs that’s what I’m looking for. So I might as well have some on mine.

Here are non-fat TASTY cinnamon rolls. Made without eggs or YEAST! So yes, a quick bread. It doesn’t take that long and substitute gluten free/vegitarian ingredients easily. Ingredients for the filling:


2 T cinnamon, 1/3 C brown sugar, 1/3 C sugar. Typical, and could be creative manipulated for different variations. 🙂

And now the ingredients for the dough, I would add a lot more things (dried/soaked fruit, zest or chocolate chips) but wanted to try this to a ‘T’ first to see how it would turn out.

(I didn’t have buttermilk, and normally never do, but added 1T white vinegar to the milk and let it sit. Instant buttermilk!)

14612934872.jpgThe recipe will be at the end of the post. But basically, you:


Mix the dry ingredients first, then combine the milk/2T butter till a dough forms. (I had to add TONS of extra flour, fyi)

14613202309.jpgKnead for 30 sec. at least. There is something so incredibly satisfying about feeling smooth dough under your hands, you know?

14613262839.jpg Roll out the dough and spread 1T butter before allowing your little ones to help spread the filling. Let go of the control and allow them to be messy. They feel pretty grown up helping in the kitchen. 🙂

14613306762.jpg14613801313.jpgspread it, roll it, cut it.

14613873828.jpg 14613968244.jpgOK, this part is important: When you bake them, cover with foil for 12 min. then take the top off and let brown, roughly 12 more min.

14614053007.jpgThe instructions tolld me to cover the dish in foil. Not needed and you don’t need to do it either. Just spray/grease your pan to help prevent sticking. But lets face it- these are ooie gooie cinnamon rolls. They’re suppose to be sticky.

Once they come out and cool spread with your favorite icing. I made mine and it turned out bad. Eatable but not my favorite. Kinda like this last picture. Not my favorite but OK.

14614092544.jpgOver all, these turned out good. You should definitely try these. Go ahead and throw cation to the wind and make them.

A good trick that helps me not eat too many treats is eating in my exercise clothes. 😉