Happy National Peanut Butter Month! Peanut Butter Maple Bites


Did you know November is National Peanut butter month?! When a new month starts, my  friend blogs about that months important  dates to remember- and this one is a biggie! So, in honor of the very special nut…this post.

I found these on Pinterest. They taste fabulous! Like you’re sneaking a treat, but they’re not that bad for you! Score! So yes, try it, I know you will love them. Recipe at end.

I have fun ideas of putting in mint chips, M&M’s or no chocolate at all! Super yummy! I didn’t have honey, it’s a hot commodity in our home. So we used maple syrup instead so we call them ‘Peanut Butter Maple Bites.

Step one: mix all ingredients together


Step two: allow your kids to sneak bites of the ‘dough’ and make faces.


I absolutely LOVE having Emma in the kitchen with me. I want to instill a love of creating. However, she refuses to eat what she makes. Weird right? Fortunately, she’ll eat these.

Third: Roll into balls:


Refrigerate for about 1 hr., then tada!


They were Emma’s ‘treat’ if she ate her lunch today. She did. 🙂


Hope you have a great Friday!

Recipe:  1 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter) 1/3 cup honey 1 cup coconut flakes 1/2 cup ground flaxseed 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips 1 tsp vanilla 

Chocolate treats


(* none of this is homemade but store bought. I just decorated a teeny tiny bit.)

I’m not sure what you’d call these. Maybe ‘super chocolate brownie fudge bites’. It’s my turn to bring the dessert in our small group and I was able to create these. I’m not a chocoholic like most females, but I’m sure they will be eaten.

I sure hope so, I won’t eat them. Is it bad to bring something you would never want to eat? I’m not too bothered by it. (I’ll bring fruit snacks in my purse for my dessert)

I’m really liking the blue platter though. Love wedding presents.


Do you like chocolate? What is your favorite combination with chocolate? Mint? Fruit? Nuts?  I, if forced to eat it, prefer it with peanut butter. And after convincing myself that I had to at least try one before allowing other to ingest them, I ate one. With peanut butter.


What is the most amazing dessert you have ever had? Big question I know. Go ahead, I’ll wait a few minutes for you to think about it.

(time elapsing with ‘Jeopardy’ soundtrack playing)

Mine is a grasshopper pie I had as a child. ‘Tippins’ was the name of the restaurant in Kansas City. I remember it tasting so amazing. Nothing compared since that. And probably won’t since my memory as a child can be kinda off.

Happy Thursday


Pico Berry


A group of friends and me went to try out a new frozen yogurt place in Fairview Village. That’s the east side of Portland. And if you’re in the neighborhood you should go and check it out.

You know those chic places that are very modern…and pretty…this one painted their walls lime green and bright pink…and serve treats? If not they’re all over Europe

. This was a little like that, or at least it reminded me of it a bit. The place was called Pico Berry which means ‘spend all your money here’.

OK, not not really.

It was actually really cheap and had tons of choices. peanut butter, white chocolate, cake batter and other fancier ones I can’t remember. Emma and my yogurt together was $3.50. Awesome. Emma was interested in the pink ice cream (strawberry)…surprise surprise.


Mine was the boring one. Cake batter and strawberries. Same thing I get at Cold Stone.

Why no, I’m not unadventurous…um, I’m consistent. Here are our creations:


Emma and Rylee decided about 2 bites into it that they would rather have the free tiny lollipop the register person gave them.


Which turns your tongue colors. Which they loved.


And lastly, the friend who organized it all. She is obsessed with frozen yogurt. Bless her heart. Thanks Amy for organizing this, we’ll all have to make this a summer ‘must’ .