Artichoke and Tomato Pasta

This Monday was my choice (yay!) and I chose Artichoke and Tomato Pasta. So worth it and super easy to make again. Simple meal, but tons of flavor. This is a simple meal because you use canned veggies! Bless canned artichokes and tomatoes…they make our lives SO much easier.

Ree asks specifically for non marinated artichokes. I thus went to the store looked specifically for those and bought the wrong ones. As I was struggling, for about 10-15min, to open the jars I read the small print. They were marinaded with herbs in oil. Perfect. Just what I didn’t want. But I used them anyways, and although they smelled horrid I kept cooking and praying it wold turn out. Either they are smelly veggies when marinated in oil or God made it turn out well. I’m betting on the second. He’s nice like that. But this is also my first artichoke meal. Newbie.

The only thing I changed purposely was the noodles. I like angel hair best, but with something in which the sauce is a highlight- I had to have shell noodles. To better hold the sauce my darlings.

I noticed that the sauce is way thicker today as left overs and I’m looking forward to that. You could so easily add chicken to this dish for your meal ravenous husband. Here’s the recipe. Your so welcome.


Thank you Ree, another solid recipe that I will file in my mental recipe box.With my memory Travis is laughing right now. Who am I kidding?! I’ll go write it down on a piece of paper. And make sure to use pretty pens. 🙂