Toilet Paper Submerging

Emma had her first ‘incident’ as a toddler. She likes to go into our bathroom and play around in there. (no idea why-it’s the most boring room in the whole house) Well we have a lot of people over regularly and so we have one of those toilet paper holders that hold like 3 at a time so that whenever you need to refill it it’s right there.
One day she was in there and I heard her telling me something. So I look to see what she was doing and the toilet seat was up and an entire toilet paper roll was submersed in the toilet water. Ugh. I start to laugh, throw it away and wash her hands.
The whole time she’s looking at me like, ‘what just happened?!” LOL She’s so great. I was asking myself the same thing. šŸ™‚

Reflective thoughts:

I was looking through some blogs and realized that I don’t know what I want mine to be. Is it a photography blog?Ā kinda

a food blog?Ā yeah, i guess. Is it about being creative with other mediums?Ā when I have the money I thought about it and am still thinking about it. I know it will evolve with my life, but I wouldn’t mind someĀ guidanceĀ I guess.