We had the awesome opportunity to hang out with friends we usually don’t get to see…mainly because they live in Hawaii. And believe me, I wish I was able to see them a lot more…in Hawaii. 😉

It was the first time Emma was able to hang out and play with my friends two girls. It was so great, but made me feel  OLD! lol


Tea time but of course my dahling.

Pardon me, but could you pass the Grey Poupon? hahahaha, I had to.


I learned tea that is drunk in purple or pink cups actually tastes better.


Emma actually learned and has maintained the skill of eating with her mouth shut. She is super proud of herself and I thank Melissa and her wonderful polite girls for teaching her that. 🙂

Mothers Day

Gifts mean a lot to me. Like a lot.It can be a flower/weed you picked on the side of a sidewalk or a $5 Starbucks card. With that said I wasn’t expecting a mothers day gift but Trav came through and surprised me with one.  🙂


Have I mentioned that I collect tea pots? This one is very special.

13931424013.jpgThis is from an antique store on our main street. It caught my eyes as I walked through the store. Isn’t it beautiful?!!!

13927008728.jpgThis belonged to an old woman who traveled the world. And as she visited different cultures and cities she brought her own (this) tea set with her. This is a tea set that has tasted and traveled the world and for the romantic part in me… I had no control. I had to buy it.

13931522811.jpgIt was brought buy the old lady’s niece. I have no idea why a family would give away such a coveted family piece. But I guess all our families value different things.

13931297451.jpgBut this is a basket that is perfectly made for this set. I feel so lucky to own it and will take it with me in the future. 🙂 I love the different fabrics. So bright and beautiful.

13931220716.jpg I hope you have a great Mothers Day!