Eyeshadow is my t-shirts

To wear or not to wear, that is the question. I am liking make-up and especially eye-shadow more and more. I find myself buying some here and there wherever. Dollar store is my favorite- they sell Maybelline and Cover girl. You can’t beat $1 for a good quality line. Anyhoo, to get back on track, today I looked in my bathroom and thought, ‘this is wrong’. How much make-up can one girl or I mean woman need. (I forget I’m a grown up sometimes)

But I quickly told myself that I don’t buy T-shirts so it’s OK. Confused? Well, being in the Pacific Northwest I notice that many, and I mean many, people here wear and buy TONS of t-shirts. Long, bright, dull, thin and short. If it’s for sale- someone somewhere here will buy it. I think it is the official item of clothing here. Those with a Columbia jacket over it. But I have a secret…that’s not a secret once I publish this post- I don’t like t-shirts! Gasp! I know, I think I own maybe…hmmm….3? And they’re all to sleep in. I know. Crazy. But all these people here spend tons of money on replenishing them but don’t buy that much make-up. Sometime I feel weird and purposely don’t wear much just to fit in.


A beautiful make-up kit. I have nothing like this at home, but wouldn’t mind this at all! I’m praying that my mom will buy me a couple eye shadow kits I showed her in Seattle. (hint, hint mom- I know you read my blog!)


I on the other hand, don’t buy t-shirts – instead buy eye-shadow. Colorful and fun! I love looking at different colors and seeing how I want to fiddle around with it in the mornings. (OK fine, I get ready more like 11am while Emma takes her nap) I even love going on u-tube and watching videos of how to do different looks. Fun stuff.

One day I felt really shallow and did some self searching. I didn’t want to be some shallow person who pays too much attention to ‘dressing’ myself up and payingn too much attention to the outside of me- if that makes sense. I thought about this for about…4 months I think. I wrestled and went up and down in my decissions. But in the end, I had to find out why I like putting make up on. Is it because I like color and it’s fun to play with make-up? Or is it because I think I look better with it on? I came to the realization that right now, and I have to keep checking myself, I am happy playing. I like- no LOVE all the pallets of eye shadow and the fun it is. Trying, trial and error (and oh how much error there is!) to see what shirts go best with certain shadows. Make-up also takes precedence over my shoes- it’s my ‘other’ accessory.

But I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter. What do I think about make up and her? I don’t let Ema play with any of it, just the brushes. She sticks it in her ears and loves the tickling feeling. I encourage it.  And I think I have to be careful with her because she already LOVES putting on lip gloss and lotion. Not a bad thing, pretty cute actually, but I want to stay close to her as she grows up and puts it on. You know- to find out, talk about and encourage her to put make up on for the right reasons.

makeup brushes

(this make up brush kit is for you Jamie- and look, it even has snaps to keep it closed! I wish I could buy this for you…but alas I’m poor. But you can have this picture. Consider it from me to you 😉 )