God gave us a gift today. ‘Us’ being people living in Portland. THE SUNSHINE!!!

(I follow lots of bloggers who live in California and I daily work at not being jealous. Is it a fruitless battle?)

Anyhoo, we see the beautiful sun today. No qualms there, us girls went on an ice cream date to celebrate the power of Vitamin D.

(picture taken on phone)

Emma was all about her ‘rainbow’ ice cream (sherbet), myself- bubble gum with the pink florescent square pieces mixed in. Makes Travis gross out but there is something nostalgic about that horribly fake flavor.

I had a dream last night Travis asked me where I wanted to vacation next and I said California. Warm. Beach. Near by-ish. New cities. Sun. Sonic. Beach towels.

I’m praying it was a dream given to me by God. Amen.

Thank you God!

God gave us a sunny day today! I woke up and saw the rays shinning through the blinds and instantly my day was better than yesterday. It’s not hot but it is going to be in the 50’s and that my friend is something to celebrate. Hah! Yes! Thank you God!

I bet I can read your mind and can tell you no. No, it’s not warm enough to put on my heals or wedges. But soon my fashionista friend- soon! Thursday’s suppose to be almost 60!!! I won’t know what to do with myself. hehe

We tried to take advantage of the sun early in the day. I was busy doing important things on Facebook (*cough *cough) and so I encouraged Emma to play outside- on our wrap around deck. It’s a beautiful thing. However, I think she forgot we even had one. I’m serious. Poor thing.


She had her snack out there. Pretzels and cherry juice. Some of her favorite things. Right now she is generously feeding her Care bears pretzels. How is it she freely gives them food but has a hard time sharing with real people?

Hmm, I think I just answered my own question with the last two words of the last sentence.


Our day’s not half over and we have some fun plans already in store! Lunch with a friend and her daughter. And I’m thinking about going to the park too.

Hurray for sunny days!!!!


Just some pictures from lunch.

Snacking is my specialty. 😉

I took some time to take pictures of our beautiful day today.

Did you know my favorite color is green? LOVE it!

no idea why… but the picture of the grass is dream y to me. Love the different shades of green.

and finally when I was coming in I saw a little man who was up to no good! Kitchen counter is off limits…or I guess if only we are around.

We’re going to the Portland Saturday Market and I’m so excited! I’ll bring my camera and take as many picts as the camera will let me. Enjoy your Saturday!

Oh and no I haven’t forgotten to make the cinnamon rolls. Tonight baby…