Organizing Storage


Every time I go into this bathroom I cringe. It’s the reality. A Big Fat Mess. It’s the catch all for random things I want out of my sight. But no more!

I decided that I needed to change this opportunity at the next pay period. Hello dollar store white storage boxes! Even though I think I need a couple more, I’m happy with the almost finished result.¬†


The boxes hold most of my creative items. You know, all those things that get lost so easily.¬†This is in the guest bathroom so the shower is never used- thus I don’t have to worry about anything I store in here.


This room has no natural light. Really disliking the yellowness in the pictures. But oh well. A pile of fabric is always a welcomed sight.


Have a great day everyone! I’m off to a park with Emma and hopefully to take some great pictures. I’ve been feeling the itch to take some profile/close ups of some friends for a while. Love that they have no idea and I’m going to surprise them by saying, ‘OK, lets take some close ups of YOU!’ hehehe