Some days

Some days are ‘look outside’ days. Rainy cold days. When you don’t have the energy to want to put on boots and splash outside. When I don’t want to bake another stinkin cake. That’s when I take out my frozen mini-cakes and heat them up with a hot drink. And Emma likes to put on her party/princess dress and walk around looking outside.


It almost feels like a dream. Or the place where you are almost dreaming but not quite.

NoneSnuggles with a clean fresh smelling blanket is the best.  (we went to a tea party at her friends house, thus the flower)

Being a kid on these days can be frustrating. Emma was in a snuggly mood (thanks God!) then fell asleep on my knee cause it’s comfy. (apparently mine is) I take pictures and say, ‘aww’  then put her to bed.