Sign Language

Not sure I’ve written about this before. I have a HUGE passion for sign language and the deaf community. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the states, Rome or Krakow, I see deaf people everywhere. And it excites me!

Funny story: So we were waiting at the Roman Colusium waiting to get in and do the tourist thing when I saw 3 people in front of us signing to each other. The best part was they were using ASL! (American Sign Language) I lean over to Travis and our friend that I understand and it’s so wonderful that I become entranced and begin to verbally tell Trav and our friend what is being said. I AM VERBALLY EAVESDROPPING!!!

As I’m leaning over still, I’m interpreting out loud, ‘ There is a girl behind us that is saying everything we’re signing’ GULP. Travis starts to laugh, I freeze and my eyes get huge and I am soooo embarrassed! Why didn’t it occur to me that there would have to be a hearing person in the group?! I should never have done that and I so learned my lesson. lol But man, that was a memory for me that I wish I could erase!

Polish sign language is generally kinda similar but enough differences that I would have to start with a new blank slate. I am very passionate about PSL (Polish Sign Language) The tough thing is that I’m going to need to learn Polish and have it very well understood before I learn PSL. So it’ll take time. Excited tons, but I’m gong to learn patience for sure with this.

Here is a link to see some Polish Sign Language with English Subtitles. Enjoy!