Good friends and animals

This last Saturday we were able to squeeze in some time with friends, the Newtons. It is always wonderful hanging out with them. These pictures are of last Saturday when they surprised us by taking us to the Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle)! Thank you Josh and Erin! It was so surprising and fun, we love hanging out with you both. Your little son, Jakob, is adorable and I look forward to the times he and Emma will be able to hang out just like we do together. Love you both!

* Be prepared for tons of pictures- you have been warned. Oh and click on one if you would like to see it bigger.

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Last of Seattle

Finally posting the last pictures of Seattle. (Mom, I hope you like the picts of you and Emma- I think they turned out great)

I went to the beach on our way out of town because a. I miss the smell of the water b. I love watching ferry’s dock and c. it makes me feel dreamy

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you have a great Wednesday. Today is filed with cleaning, organizing, putting things back and also keeping up with our schedule that didn’t slow down just because we were gone for the weekend. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a normal schedule. I guess I’m appreciating the vacation more since coming back. ­čÖé

Oma and Emma

Awesome picture of ‘mamama’ and Emma. “Mamama” is how Emma pronounces ‘Oma’. Cute huh.

There you are!

Kingston Ferry

I love riding from Edmonds to Kingston and walking around, getting fat free/calorie free ice cream (is there such a thing?) and looking at incredibly ridiculous items that are way too expensive. The shop owners seem to hope that we left our good sense wherever we came from and are willing to spend $20 for a stupid boat wind sock- sorry lady.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to THAT in the morning?! Amazing.

Ocean view Being silly

Life is too short to not be silly everyday. I think it is what keeps me from being bitter from all the horrible things that happen in the world.


Scuba divers

Not only is Edmonds known for their cutsie-ness and ferry docks, but also for their amazing underwater gardens. Scuba Divers come from around the world to this little town and ALL YEAR LONG you see them diving. Crazy in my opinion, but that’s because I get cold in 70″F weather. So why would I risk dipping my little body into the FREEZING ice water? ┬á(people have┬áunfortunately┬ádied from┬áhypothermia┬áfrom being in the water too long)No special suit will make me do that. I would rather take pictures of them from inside my warm heated car. Thus the picture above.

Seattle Vacation Pictures

It felt weird typing the word ‘vacation’. I guess it is, but family doesn’t constatute a vacation for me. It’s like another home, so yeah. Today was a mello day so the pictures will show. I’m enjoying my time here and will be happy to be home in Portland too. ­čÖé

Does this mean I'm vintage?!!

Does this mean I’m VINTAGE?!

Aunt Jamie and Emma

Aunt Jamie and Emma trying out Jamie’s new hermonica.

Our day consisted of many BBQ Chips

Our day cincisted of many BQ chips

Snuffy Snuggly shoes

Snuffy Snuggly Shoes


We’re having a great time here and Emma is being spoiled out of her royel head. We’re coming home with a handfull of goodies, and even more to be opened on Christmas Eve. I’m relaly looking forward to Thanksgiving and the days after- Welcome Christmas!

Right now I’m watching Emma in her froggy pj’s being smothered in the face with a lamb. Oma is wonderful. I have to say that both Mielonen girls miss Trav and look forward to seeing him Tuesday. Good night!

Seattle Trip

Seattle Seattle: Lake Union

Emma and I are leaving this weekend to visit my mom in Seattle. I’m excited to talk with her, I hear we’re a lot alike, and have fun. Of course she is going to spoil Emma and that makes me happy too. ­čÖé We’ll see if I have time to blog, I know she’s going to keep me busy. I’m taking my camera though and will take many fun pictures. Probably embarassing, but fun to look at. ­čÖé


I’ve been wanting to watermark my photos for sometime now. And just recently I was reading a friends blog (very cute) and because of a story she linked, it pushed me into actually doing it. Sometimes fear…cautiousness is a good motivator. So here is what my new photos will look like. Nothing too different but I was trying to try a couple different kinds of pictures to make sure it didn’t look too dorky. Enjoy ­čÖé

Family Shot

Jelly Doghnut

I make Jewelry

My Bathing Beauty

Emma's Fun Personality