Today is brought to you by the letter ‘E’

I am┬ádefinitely felling more and more motivated to be teaching Emma more things during the day. And it’s mostly because of my friend who is homeschooling her 2 princesses. Just her normal way of explaining where her children are is really a wake up call for me.

I’ve looked up a couple things online as to what is age appropriate and start there. Here is the link. I have a friend too who asked me what Emma’s favorite activity was and I had to think…it was hard question for me. But then I start to question myself- I should know as her mommy what her favorite activities are. But I will not beat myself up over it, but will use it to motivate me to try new activities, do some school work and do my best to get her ready for school.

OK, and on that subject: I have tons (and I mean tons) of friends who are homeschooling their children. That’s fine with me and I don’t think anything negative about it. Each child is different and requires different learning techniques. For my Emma, she loves being with kids her age, learning things from other people and being in ‘school’ (her childrens class at church. Wherever she learned that I have no idea but it doesn’t bother me.) ­čÖé My thoughts are that if fear is my motivator to want to home school, I need to let go of the control I want over her little life. I have some┬áconcerns about her in school, but no more than any other parent I think, however my job is to not only support the school/teacher but to walk through hard life moments with Emma. “Why didn’t sally want to play with me?”, “why is someone is being mean to me”, and explaining how other families need to see Gods love through her. That is, what I believe, ┬ámy calling to her. To pour out whatever Godly┬áwisdom, compassion and love into her spongy heart.

I have friends who are teachers and I am constantly impressed that our teachers/schools need our help. The help of parents. I have heard horrible stories about schools and teachers which makes my skin crawl and want to lock Emma away from all bad people, but the greater majority of the teachers I know love their jobs. They have a huge amount of compassion for their students and often are forced into a part-parent role. Very sad. If I can help  out in any way to show I support what they do and also support my daughter, I would be happy do whatever is needed.

Which brings me to another topic. Pre-school and potty training. I am so excited for her to start school (even though I will bawl like a baby when I drop her off), but she has to be potty trained first and I’m using that as a motivator for me as well as her. Telling her about school but the requirement is she has to go potty in the toilet. It’s helping. And I’m betting she’ll be out of diapers by the summer.

As it is today, I get to be her teacher and teach her her numbers, letters and spiritual lessons which will form the foundation of who she is. Pretty cool. Scary too. ­čÖé We parents have loads upon loads of responsability and at times it’s overwhelming. Thank goodness we have those silly moments when our kids do/say crazy things to break any frustration or┬átension.

OK, now off to make the letter “E” (for Emma) in a cookie sheet filled with flour. Bath time will follow.