In the past few days a seed has slowly been growing in my head. The seed of ‘healthy-ness’. If you know me, you already know I’m seriously allergic to exercise. My face immediately turns red, I have a hard time breathing and days later my body is sore from the little escapade. Not good. However doctors are saying that it is good to stretch your body and to ‘feel the burn’. (which sounds and feels horrible) I prefer a nice leisurely stroll through Ann Taylor or H&M.

Cheap!!! I could do that...

However, I can tell that my body is not…working it it’s potential. I’m not wanting to lose weight, but rather strengthen my ‘core’. So…I have slowly began to think that I am about to make a new master plan. I will add nasty chores like cleaning bathrooms with other nasty chores…like torturous tummy crunches, walks outside in the freezing butt cold wind and maybe even a few yoga lessons.

Here it is.  *This is open to changes. 😉

Sunday: Stretching, Laundry ALL DAY LONG, Dust

Monday: RELAXATION DAY, Polish lessons

Tuesday: Stretching, Cat boxes, Tuesday Treats

Wednesday: Polish lessons, empty garbages/recycle, Yoga

Thursday:  Clean stove/sink, Walk Outside (please give me nice weather God!), take out garbages

Friday: Clean bathrooms, Yoga, BOOK Day

Saturday: Polish lessons, Stretching, do my fingernails

*some things I’m going to do in my day to day routine. Park way away from things to make me walk farther, always walk to the park- don’t drive, take stairs when I can, try to eat more veggies and make less desserts, blog often of course- and have fun!