Random Thursday

Random thoughts that are going through my mind that need to be put down before sleep will find me. (Pinterest is seriously DANGEROUS to look at before bedtime!)

*I feel a little silly with how excited I am to make a couple of these this coming month.


I am looking into changing Emma’s room into an actual kid friendly room. With actual organization and proper places for things. Right now it’s…well it’s not pretty. Ikea?

Getting SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for the grand opening of my Etsy shop, The Copper Acorn. I hope you like it…I do. It’s full of pretty things and bright colors. 🙂

Along with the opening of TCA, I will be adding a couple of long needed changes here on this blog. Some links, new widgets and pictures. I’m so lucky to have a husband who can help me. Seriously feel so lucky.

Our Jane Austen Book Club only has one more book to read then it’s…done! *gasp!* What will I do? Start a new Murder Mystery Club? Classics Club? What book club would you join?

I suppose that is all for now. I have lots of other things roaming around in my mind but those are the biggest. Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

Random weekly news

Just made these.

Got me a sewing machine from a friend. FOR FREE! Yay!


Got Emma her Christmas dress today for a high tea party this weekend. It’s purple, like Rapunzel. Duh.

I was super sick this week. Being sick is never fun. boo.


Went to this Tea House for the first time. How girly and fun! The Christmas tea was warm and spicy. And the food? A-MAZ-ING.

Getting Emma her OWN pink Christmas tree today. She has no idea and will probably freak out.

Or at least I hope so. lol

If you live on the east side of Portland come get your Christmas trees here!

I can help you load it onto your car.

(Which is a funny sight. And possibly worth the $ in itself.)

Colorful Ramblings

***Popcorn thoughts***

I would be so happy to not cook dinner for at least a week. At least.

I am super excited about our book club meeting Wednesday! GIRL TIME!!!

Made Emma’s Christmas list/sent it to family and already seeing how God is providing awesome presents for Emma.  (future post about presents soon)

Cooler weather in our forecast, my scarfs are hanging and ready to be worn. 

I’m reaching out to women I’ve admired from afar. Feels nervous and good all at once.

Missing these creatures:

Basketball Chloe 001.JPG

Made Travis a favorite meal tonight and feel like I got a present with how much it meant to him.

We’ve been watching Star Trek (Netflix) together as a couples/date time at home and think it’s fun. More Planetarium visits in our future.

I hear all my friends talk about their boxes/bags full of local produce and I’m sick of it. God, where’s MY bag?!! waaaa…

Really excited to be visiting my Oma and Opa soon. Should be a relaxing trip.

Making potato soup tomorrow. Nummy.

Needing a haircut. Anyone have a good person they would recommend?

Saying good bye to a close friend tomorrow. It’s never easy, no matter how often we’ve had to do it.

Mondays thoughts…..


For some reason the colors of the eggs are grabbing me and challenging me to see my life through organic eyes. There is a lot God is doing in my life right now that I know later I will see the fruit of.


I just like the textures of these. The lamb was mine from when I was a baby. I will never get rid of it and I’m sure it will become one of those weird ‘grandma stuffed animal items’ in one of our rooms in the future. That’s ok. I love it. Oh and the salt is just on a pretty plate. It’s the little things.


Her lips look a little blue because she had been sucking on a blue sucker. Love the new shirt- target.

Hope you all have a great Thursday. 🙂