Random thoughts

Random things for a Friday

**Wish I was her friend

**So incredibly HAPPY Emma and I can spend girl time with these lovely ladies

**Has no energy today and wishes I had one of these planned for today

**Has something cooked up in my mind that has to do with this

**Sitting in a silent home and seriously thankful for it

**Planted some herb pots and tall grass for out balcony, looks perdy ūüėČ

**Yesterday was my birthday. I was a mix of emotions all day and cried at a thoughtful post on my facebook page. I’m becoming a crier and I’m loving it.

**Watching construction outside our window and realized the workers are done for the day and it’s 3:30- really? Nice work day!

**Wishes I could visit my friend who lives here, bet you do too

**And if only I had her sense of style, I wouldn’t be lost in the mornings when I get ready.

**Even though I potted plants and herbs I have mixed feelings. I feel excited to cook with them but in the back of my mind I know I have a problem with picking leaves off plants (they’ll die right?!)

**Going here tonight with Trav to pick out one more SMALL piece of furniture…going to squeeze a couple fake plants into the purchase for our living room.

**Today, Emma had a 20 minute meltdown in Fred Meyer’s in the check out line (in which a lady was being “oh baby, what’s the matter? You want something? Awww” *roll of my eyes, forget it lady), in the parking lot found out a tire was¬†practically¬†flat, was late to a party and had to listen to ‘Ten Little Monkey’s’ just for for 5 min of calmness in the car. You’re jealous I know. Don’t deny it.

**When will pumpkins be on sale?! Enough gripping people- Costumes are on racks, leaves are falling and there’s a chill in the air- summer is over.