Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


I haven’t roasted pumpkin seeds since I was in…2nd grade I think. It was at school and I remember being amazed that something so yucky and slimy would taste good. It was a great memory….but let’s take a moment and think:

Who was the first person to scoop out the gunk from a pumpkin and think, ‘oh! I have a great idea! Let’s take the seeds, heat them up and eat them!’ A crazy person. (or a really hungry one) But we all get to benifit from this persons…out of the box thinking. Bless their crazy thinking.

Here it is. And here are the steps I followed. I made the ‘savory’ version.


Apparently they need to dry first before pouring on  the butter, seasoning and baking. I didn’t follow that perfectly, and they still turned out great.


On another note, I’m writing this while eating caramel corn. I love fall. It is the best. Amen.