Caramel Popcorn

Doesn't this remind you of a carnival?!

Another food group activity. My friends and I all agreed to make caramel popcorn- from scratch. It’s mindless and easy but the process took a little longer than expected. Did it turn out? Is it yummy? You betcha. I made 18 cups worth, in the beginning and it shrunk a little. I totally forgot to put peanuts in, and I bought them special just for this! Oh well. Our family is invited to a packer party in 2 weeks and I’m making this. I’ll add the peanuts then. Would you like the recipe? Here you go, remember the nice thing about “All Recipe” is that you can change the amount you want to make and it automatically makes the adjustments for the ingredients. Bless their little cooking hearts. Oh and an even better part? YOU CAN SWITCH IT TO THE METRIC SYSTEM! You better believe I’ll be using this in Poland.

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Yummy Caramel Popcorn

Yes it's as good as it looks

I wanted to make it cheesy :)