Food thoughts and plans

When I went grocery shopping yesterday I was reminded of what I would buy if it was only me I was feeding. Loads of Velveta Mac and Cheese, Chicken Ramen noodle soup, chocolate milk and Captain Crunch. I am not the healthy one in the family. 🙂 I can schedule meals if I have to, but I would seriously eat cereal in pretty bright colored bowls most of the time if it were me.

I on the other hand married the opposite of me. One that looks at the nutritional value of a box of mac and cheese., which seems silly to me cause we don’t eat if for nutritional value, but maybe that’s me. I do have to say that I am better because of him. Literally. I’m healthier than I would be plus I have to use my brain to make up meals,  grocery shop on a $200 month budget and make something we all like and is healthy. I like this challenge.

I also get to use pretty bright colored reusable bags. They have pink yellow and polka dots with butterflies.

Part of meal scheduling is figuring out Trav’s lunches. Because he is healthy I can’t just send him on his way with chips, cookies, a sandwich. And I’ve learned that making things from scratch is cheaper. Plus you feel kinda like superwoman when its all made. (nice feeling)

I came home with almost no food at our house and so I had to think shrewdly and creativly. Here are some things I made yesterday and today for Trav’s lunches.

DSC_0175.JPGPretzels: Dollar store

Seasonings: Ranch packet (for making dressing) and garlic salt.


Drizzle, sprinkle mix and bake

I made mine a little too long but at 350 they should be ready in like 10 min. And now I have a nice ranch flavored bag of pretzels. (healthier than snacking on chips) and something different to put in lunches.



Why mess with a classic? These are chocolate chip, oatmeal and reeces pieces cookies.



After posting I’m making cranberry banana bread. Great snack but also good in the lunches. It’s so moist that you don’t even need butter.

I also bought trail mix (Trav’s favorite!) in bulk and am giving him carrots and apples. (haha not that he’s a horse) I also make him different kinds of sandwiches and of course the wonderful left overs.

What ideas do you have for lunches to make them different? I am always looking for new ideas.