Photo shoot: The Wardens


Travis and I were asked again to take some pictures of some friends. We jumped at the offer! We wondered around downtown Portland and thanked Jesus it wasn’t crazy windy! We had beautiful weather for the beginning of February.

A couple words to discribe this couple: fun, caring, silly and sensitive. A wonderful couple and we’re so happy we’re friends!

My favorite quote of the day was from Chris, who is very…detailed in picture taking. 😉  “Should my lips be on top?” I just laughed. hahaha

**warning, TONS and I mean TONS of pictures coming your way…they just took too many good ones! **

















Love having these opportunities to take pictures! 

Photo shoot: Brianne

I have a great friend who I was able to take some pictures of, for her blog. She sells fabulous scarfs and is about to open an Etsy store! I’ll let you know when she does, you’ll love it!

Not only am I learning more about taking pictures of people, but this is a free way of shamelessly promoting my handmade ‘artisan’ products…and…..

This is totally going to embarrass her too so it’s just one more fabulous reason to post this. 😉


This black and white is my favorite. GORGEOUS.

I hope you like these- I do! It was impossible to take bad pictures of her- she is too beautiful. 🙂 One of her favorite colors is yellow, so…..


I’ll only limit this post to maybe 5 pictures. Or 10.  😉



The beautiful, lightweight, flirty, girly necklace was made by me. 😉

Go check her blog out and say hi!


“This is SO feels like I’m taking my senior high school pictures.” Brianne

“Yeah, only this is way cooler! It’s like, your awesome blogging ‘Hi!! Look at me! This is my blog’ picture!!” Me

“Uh huh.” Brianne

17033969112.jpg(she made the scarf above!)

OK, end of photo overload, you found the end of this post.

I’m ending it with another favorite.


Rainy day brings cute pictures

We woke up to a rainy day today. It made me smile. And in honor of Spring I decked out Emma in her rain gear and we headed out to jump around in mud and puddles. But when we got out it had stopped raining and we couldn’t find any puddles! How lame is that?!

She still wanted to jump around and since it was sprinkling kinda I took a few picts.

None None None

I am still exploring the wide world of photo editing and it’s amazing to say the least. I made a couple collages, one about food and the other is of Trav, Emma and I in Krakow this last January.

None None

I’m also changing my blog name back to it’s original name. ‘Perspectives of a Child’ for oh so many reasons. One is that I’m accepting that I’m a child in many ways, both good and bad. I’m immature in many ways and am struggling to grow up and mature. And it’s hard work! I am also the child of an all powerful God and am learning to take authority in His name and do what He asks me to do. Also hard work.

With all that said, this will be a small glimps into my life through the eyes of a child.