Organics to You

To those of you who know Travis or myself, I am sure you have heard about our fruits and vegetables. Weird, huh. 🙂 Well, we are both very happy customers of a small local company here, in Portland, called ‘Organics to You’. Like most people, there is no way that we could afford buying organic fruits and veggies- it’s just so stinkin’ expensive! That was until I found these people on the Internet and since signing up a year ago, we couldn’t be happier. I think my two favorite parts is that they deliver TO MY DOOR and they cater to my likes/dislikes and fruit allergies. They really are amazing! Of course I have to give their web page:

Most every city has something like this. I first found out about this option from a friend who lives in Seattle and does it. I thought- ‘Whoa, I gotta do this’  ~Enjoy the pictures, all the produced shown came in the box along with a recipe that goes with the veggies in it. 🙂  Now to find recipes for them all. Fun stuff. Oh, one last thing I almost forgot:  If you ever buy bunches of herbs, just cut off the bottoms a bit and stick them in water. (just like you do with flowers) They soak up the water and will keep for you way longer. I got Basil and Italian Parsley.


All the Vegetables


Herloom Tomatoes

Herloom Tomatoes-yum.

Wine grapes

Basil and Italian Parsley